BBK9: Guruji Dared to Expose What Other Contestants Ignored, Say Netizens

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Colors Kannada's most watched show Bigg Boss Kannada 9 has become talk of the town, thanks to all the action happening inside the house.

While there is romance on one side, there are fights and drama happening on the other side. 

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 host Kichcha Sudeep seems to have lost his cool in Super Sunday. A promo dropped by Colors Kannada shows an angry Sudeep spitting fire at one of the contestants.

Now, if you are somebody who joined the story late, here you go about what exactly happened in the Bigg Boss kannada house.

Guruji seems to have a complaint with his housemates and is on a cribbing mode as usual. But he goes to the extent of alleging match fixing in the house. After that statement, BBK9 host Kichcha Sudeep loses his cool. He yells at him and says that he must know what he is talking. He demands to know if Guruji thinks that all the contestants are playing a fake game in the Bigg Boss house. And when Aryavardhan tries to justify his claim, Sudeep cuts him off and says that if he went any further to question the integrity of the contestants or the platform, he will have to face serious consequences.

While a section of the audience is hailing Kichcha Sudeep for lecturing Guruji, another set of viewers are backing Aryavardhan. They say that Guruji has revealed something that no other contestants from the previous seasons could accomplish.

Now, my dear readers, what do you think is the rigth approach? Do you think Guruji Aryavardhan did expose something that everyone is aware of but don't dare reveal or do you think Bigg Boss is a fair game and that he has opened a pandora's box with his claims for no reason? 

Let us know your comments in the section below. Stay tuned for all the updates.

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