BBK OTT: Roopesh-Sanya Friends or Lovers?

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The love track in Bigg Boss OTT Kannada has started, but we can't exactly tell if it's a love track or not. It is not uncommon for Bigg Boss housemates to have different equations with each other. However, any relationship thus formed in the Bigg Boss house is mostly temporary because they keep changing with every passing day. 

In Bigg Boss Kannada OTT house, Roopesh Shetty and Sanya Iyer share a good rapport and seem to have formed a special bond of friendship. But other contestants seem to have misinterpreted it and seen talking behind their back saying the two  have feelings for each other. 

In a recently released Bigg Boss Kannada OTT promo, Somanna asks Roopesh and Sanya about what's going on between them. Roopesh tries to explain to Somanna that they are clear that they are friends, but Somanna crosses the line. Somanna's words hurt Sanya and Roopesh, and they give up on explaining him. It seems Sanya and Roopesh are upset with Somanna's words, which might impact their relationship. 

Netizens say that contestants can have whatever relationship they want with their housemates. BBK viewers are slamming Somanna for being possessive towards Sanya and spoiling Roopesh's friendship. 

A section of the audience says that Somanna is not the host to question Sanya and Roopesh about their equation. Roopesh fans are trolling Somanna for targeting Roopesh for no reason and trying to make him look bad. 

As previously stated, audience opinion on contestants changes on a daily basis. Now, Somanna is getting hate from the BBKOTT viewers for creating drama and blaming Roopesh and Sanya for their bond. What do you think? Is Somanna right or wrong? Comment below. 

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