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Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board announced recruitment to various posts. There are around 16,587 posts in different cadres across the police department. In all, about 558 posts are for the Sub Inspector level. Aspirants who want to crack the SI exam should know the exam pattern and follow some tips so they can land their dream jobs.

How to prepare for events:

Clearing a 1600-metre run is one of the qualifying rounds to test the physical test of aspirants for the post of sub-inspector. One has to cross the finish line in 7 minutes 15 seconds. Practice is more important and the aspirant should never miss the ground. Exercise is critical to maintaining fitness levels. Those who are preparing for the exam should consume citrus fruits and should opt for a protein-rich diet. Clearing 1600-metre run is no mean feat, but it is not impossible. One should try to complete it in 7 minutes.

Qualifying Papers:

There are two papers—Paper 1 and Paper 2. These are the qualifying papers for the test. Telugu and English are two qualifying papers. One should score 40% in each paper. There are 100 questions and 40% is the minimum qualifying mark. One shouldn't neglect these qualifying papers. There are examples where aspirants have scored good marks in Paper-3 and Paper-4 (main papers) but were disqualified in English paper.

How to prepare for Paper 3 and 4:

Revision is the key to cracking not only the SI exam but also for any competitive exam. Gathering all the important information and noting down key points is critical. 

The aspirants should be careful while marking an answer because negative marking will be done for every incorrect answer.

Answering all the questions on time is very important, but this time, those who are writing the exam should be very careful while marking the answer. It is better to mark the answer if you are 100% sure of the answer.

One important tip is that those who are writing the exam should divide their time. For example, if there are 200 questions, it is better to divide the question paper into four different parts—(50+50+50+50) and should also allocate time for each section. Spending too much time on one section and trying to figure out the answer for which the answer is not known is the worst thing to do. Time management is very important. One should go through all the questions in the question paper.

Important Tips:

  • Read all the questions in the question paper.
  • Practice at least 50 model papers for each subject before going for the exam.
  • Read all the instructions given in the question paper.
  • Check how many marks you have scored in the exam. Self-assessment is important. Focus on the areas where you are scoring less marks.
  • Meditation and doing yoga will help in improving reading capacity and give a peaceful mind as well.
  • Don't read too many books, stick to one note.
  • Revision is the key to cracking your dream job.

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