New Diwali Trend That Every Guy Should Try!

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A ‘Festival Alert’ to all the guys and also a ‘theft alert’ for all the ladies! Wondering how and why? We are going to show you a latest Diwali trend that's doing the round on the internet. If you are interested in wearing salwars in a saree style, then this article is also for you irrespective of gender. 

Now getting to the actual point, some random designer decided to take the saree to another level and drape it on men. "Why should girls have all the fun… must have been the intention and he would have wanted to create a new fashion with sarees.

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The saree was draped like a dhoti (the nauvari style). In the end, they took the pallu and made it into the dupatta and the male models were made to pose with absolute élan, with jewellery and all.

Here is the picture for more clarification:

As this picture is going viral on the internet, all the women are getting worried about the thought that their sarees will no longer be spared by men as well. While some girls who used to steal tees and shirts from their brothers are worried that their sarees and stoles will now be used.

Anyways, these guys are looking quite hot and we personally suggest that every guy should try pairing up their kurta with a saree and see the magic that happens later. 

Sakshi Post wishes you a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2021. 

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