Suryapet: Woman Finds Secret Camera in Private Swimming Pool Bathroom

Suryapet: Woman Shocked To Find Secret Camera in Private Swimming Pool Bathroom - Sakshi Post

Suryapet: A woman was shocked to find that a secret camera hidden in the bathroom of a private swimming pool was recording footage when she had gone to change. The incident came to light on Thursday after she had lodged a complaint with the police with the help of her parents and the police registered a case and launched an investigation. The pool was located at Kudakuda village in Chivvemla mandal of the district in Telangana.

On Tuesday the woman who had come to the pool for a swim had gone into the bathroom to change her clothes. As she was changing she grew suspicious when she saw something like a lens on the wall. When she closely examined it she discovered a mobile phone with a camera which was hidden there and was in the recording mode. She called her friends and by that time almost 41 minutes of footage was already recorded.  She immediately informed her parents and they complained to the police Wednesday night.

A case was registered and when the police investigated the matter a person named Gugulothu Mahesh who was working as a staff in the swimming had allegedly installed the camera. Police have taken him into custody and are questioning him to find out for how long he had been recording footage of the female customers and if anyone else was involved in this heinous act.

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