Telangana Declares all Inter First Year Students as Pass

Telangana Declares all Inter First Year Students as Pass - Sakshi Post

Telangana: All first-year intermediate students have been declared passed.

Hyderabad: The Telangana government stated on Friday that all intermediate first-year students who failed their exams will be given pass scores.

P Sabitha Reddy, the education minister, claimed the decision was made on the chief minister's orders and that this would be the only time students would be passed even if they did not receive passing grades.

51 per cent of the 4,091,911 students who took the intermediate first-year examinations failed it. Students, their parents, and student organisations have been demonstrating against the intermediate board and the state government since the results were revealed, asking that all students get passing grades.

They've been blaming the board and the state, claiming that students failed the examinations because the board and the state failed to conduct online lectures and administer exams with sufficient strategy.

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Because of the pandemic, the state government elevated its first-year students to the second year, and first-year examinations were held when students were in the middle of their second year.

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