BRS only does poll management, says Priyanka Gandhi

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Hyderabad, Nov 27 (IANS) Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Monday alleged that the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) only does poll management and appealed to people of Telangana to show to the ruling party they are not for sale.

Addressing an election rally at Bhongir in Yadadri Bhongir district, she launched a scathing attack on BRS saying it became richer while the poor of Telangana became poorer.

“At the time of elections, they do poll management but people should tell them that they are not for sale,” she said.

The Congress General Secretary urged people to show to the BRS that they fought earlier for their rights and they can also fight now.

She claimed that BJP became the world's richest party in 10 years and it handed over the country's wealth to its big industrialist friends. “BRS became Telangana’s richest party. Its corrupt leaders live in their palaces. They don’t meet people,” she said.

Priyanka Gandhi claimed that BRS, BJP and MIM are together. Explaining the six guarantees of the Congress party, she urged people to decide whether they want another five years of BRS misrule or people’s governance of the Congress party.

She cautioned people that if BRS comes back to power, rule of land and liquor mafia will continue, unemployed will not get jobs, paper leaks will continue, corruption will increase, the state will further slip into debts and the BRS will continue snatching their lands.

She alleged that during the last 10 years the BRS government did nothing for people. She said the people who had high hopes at the time of formation of Telangana state felt betrayed.

The Congress leader said demonetisation, GST and Covid-19 pandemic badly hit small businesses and middle-income families. The dreams of the youth, who worked hard to appear for recruitment exams, were shattered due to a paper leak.

Stating that BRS leaders are running the government sitting in palaces and farmhouses, she said the policies of the government are only aimed at benefiting rich businesses.

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