YSRCP's Siddham Internal Meeting: Highlights and Inside Deets

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CM Jagan: Our Target is 175/175

Go to every household with FULL CONFIDENCE

Our manifesto is our bible

For TDP, their manifesto goes to the dustbin because they don't care about the poor

CM Jagan key pointers: Target 175/175

  • I still remember the worst ads given by CBN on gold loans, farmer waiver etc, all rubbish lies
  • ⁠Naidu made all these promises without knowing how it would be possible. We don’t do that. What we say, we do!
  • ⁠We can’t even find TDP manifesto on their website. What will their cadre go on ground and say?
  • ⁠We came to power because we fulfilled all that we promised. People voted for us because of trust. Now, I want all my karyakartas to proudly visit every household and talk about how we fulfilled each of the manifesto promises we made
  • ⁠87% households benefitted by our government including 93.29% in Kuppam
  • This election it’s not going to be a caste war, it’s going to be class war 
  • ⁠I want you all to go to every household and say that if Jagan is there, the welfare schemes will continue
  • Caution everyone that if they don’t vote for YSRCP, the welfare will be lost
  • ⁠Our manifesto is our bible. But for TDP, their manifesto goes to the dustbin because they dont care about the poor
  • ⁠It’s all about TRUST. If Jagan says he will do, he will do it! Jagan makes promises only after thinking. Not like Naidu
  • Organisation is most important. All MLAs and ACCs should asses their booth capacity structure
  • Take every GSWS one unit.
  • Appoint one credible person. This person should equip the cadre as well as monitor them
  • But you all need to be available at all times. Even if you get calls at midnight, you should answer them
  • ⁠Attach yourselves with volunteers and Gruha Sarathis and make your own team. Each booth team should have 15-18 members
  • Our Government has an impeccable record. We have done great work. Now just concentrate on the organisation
  • ⁠If we have benefitted everyone so much then why should not get absolute majority. The majority should start from Kuppam
  • I’ve done whatever I could in my capacity. Now ITS YOUR TURN! I want you all to WIN!
  • ⁠Go to every household with FULL CONFIDENCE. Tell them that we did good for the poor and now we need your support. Remember our target is 175/175

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