YS Avinash Reddy’s Sensational Comments on Sunitha in YS Viveka’s Murder

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In a sensational development in the Viveka murder case, Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy has come out with a strong counter to the allegations made by Viveka's daughter Sunita. Avinash presented a slew of evidence to refute Sunita's claims and accused her of hiding the truth and spreading false propaganda to divert the investigation.

Pressuring Viveka's Household Worker to Go on Leave

Avinash revealed that Viveka's household worker Pannini Rajasekhar was pressured by Sowbhagyamma and Narreddy Rajasekhara Reddy to go on leave a day before the murder. During the CBI investigation, Pannini Rajasekhar stated that Sowbhagyamma and Narreddy Rajasekhara Reddy had called him two or three times and forced him to go to Kanipakam immediately. Avinash questioned the motive behind this, especially since Viveka's close associates Sunil Yadav and Uma Shankar Gangireddy were also sidelined by the same individuals. Avinash pointed out the contradiction in Sunita's statements, as she denied Vivekananda Reddy's association with Sunil Yadav and Umashankar Gangireddy, despite the evidence of their close relationship.

Questioning the Origin of the "Heart Attack Theory"

Avinash then turned his attention to the "heart attack theory" that was initially propagated. He stated that Sunita knew about the injuries on Viveka's body when Krishna Reddy informed her in the morning, but she concealed this truth. Avinash read out Sunita's statement to the SIT, where she mentioned that Krishna Reddy told them about the injuries on Viveka's body, but they believed it was a heart attack due to his past health issues. However, Avinash pointed out that Sunita, along with Narreddy Rajasekhar Reddy and Sowbhagyamma, left Hyderabad together and deliberately hid the fact that Viveka was murdered. They even showed photos of the body to others but did not inform the police. Avinash believes there was a conspiracy to conceal the truth and implicate him in the case.

Dismissing the Claim of MP Ticket Motive

Avinash firmly dismissed Sunita's claim that Viveka was killed for the MP ticket. He stated that Viveka had already campaigned for him till the last moment of her life and had asked Avinash to win. Avinash also mentioned that he had already been allotted the MP ticket in 2014 and 2019, so the notion of the murder being related to the ticket is false. Avinash questioned how Viveka's rival BTech Ravi, who had won the election illegally and immorally, has now become Sunita's "close friend." He accused Sunita and her associates of making attempts to obtain false statements from various individuals, including Lakshmi Devamma, Jagadish Reddy, and Lakshmi Devi's son, to implicate him in the case.

Avinash expressed his concern that the case is being politicized by Chandrababu Naidu and TDP leaders in the BJP. He believes there is a conspiracy to target him and his father. Avinash reiterated his faith in the judicial process and asserted that the truth will prevail in this case.

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