What is your favourite scheme of YS Jagan's Govt?

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Under the leadership of CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, carrying forward the legacy of his late father, the beloved leader and former Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy, the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) has ushered in an era of inclusive growth and prosperity, touching the lives of every citizen in Andhra Pradesh.

YSRCP calls the people of AP to consider the outstanding accomplishments of the state administration and select their favourite program, one that has genuinely improved their own or their loved ones' lives.

Nethanna Nestham: In the heartland of handloom, Nethanna Nestham weaves a tale of empowerment and modernization. CM YS Jagan creates a bright future by providing financial support to weaver families, and upholding tradition while welcoming innovation.

Cheyutha: Empowering women is not just a vision but a reality with Cheyutha. CM YS Jagan promotes economic independence and paves the way for a better, more just society by providing financial support to women living in rural areas.

Aasara: Freeing women from the bonds of debt, Aasara ensures that they can plan for a future devoid of financial stress. This revolutionary program is a perfect example of CM YS Jagan's dedication to social and economic empowerment.

Vahanamithra: Behind every journey lies the support of Vahanamithra. By offering financial assistance to auto and taxi drivers, CM YS Jagan alleviates financial burdens, enabling them to navigate the roads of life with confidence and dignity.

Aarogya Sri: Health is wealth, and Aarogya Sri ensures that every citizen of Andhra Pradesh has access to quality healthcare. Thanks to CM YS Jagan's dedication to 'Health for All,' nobody is left behind in terms of their well-being.

Vasathi Deevana: Every student deserves a chance to pursue their dreams, and Vasathi Deevana makes it possible. CM YS Jagan fosters a generation of leaders and innovators by providing scholarships and fee reimbursements, opening doors of opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds.

Ammavodi: The love of a mother knows no boundaries, and Ammavodi honours this unwavering love by helping mothers educate their kids. Thanks to CM YS Jagan's commitment to educating and empowering families, every child has the chance to flourish.

Pension Kanuka: For the elderly, widowed, and differently-abled, Pension Kanuka is a lifeline of support and dignity. With his dedication to social security, Chief Minister YS Jagan ensures that no one is left behind, offering a safety net for the most vulnerable members of society.

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