SC Collegium Recommends Transfer of 5 Judges in Telugu States

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court Collegium headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud on Thursday recommended the transfer of seven high court judges including five from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. The judges were transferred to the high courts of several states. Five judges, who have been sought to be transferred, include: 

In Andhra Pradesh:

    1. Justice Battu Devanand has been sent from Andhra Pradesh High Court to Madras High Court

    2. Justice D Ramesh has been transferred from Andhra Pradesh High Court to Allahabad High Court

In Telangana

   1.  Justice Lalitha Kanneganti has been sent from Telangana High Court to Karnataka High Court
    2. Justice A Abhishek Reddy from the Telangana High Court to the Patna High Court
    3. Justice Dr. D. Nagarjun from the Telangana High Court to the Madras High Court

The name of Justice Nikhil S Kariel of the Gujarat High Court was missing from the list of high court judges. It may be recalled here that Kariel was proposed to transfer to the Patna High Court, but the state high court opposed his transfer.

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