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Tadepalli: The YSRCP's Samajika Sadhikara Yatra continues to garner an overwhelming reception and attracts crowds in large numbers. Today (9th November) marks the 12th Day of the Bus Yatra. The schedule includes Anakapalle, Pamarru, and Kavali constituencies. Find the itinerary and details of the Samajika Sadhikara Yatra in respective constituencies.

Anakapalle (Anakapalli district): Minister Amarnath is leading the Yatra

The Bus yatra will be held as a huge rally from Maredupudi to Tegada village

10:30 am: Yatra starts from Maredupudi to Tegada village.

11 am: Inspection of Jagananna housing colony in Tegada village.

12 pm: Inspection of AP Model School with a face-to-face program with students.

1 pm: YSRCP Leaders Press Conference.

2 pm: Bike rally from Tegada village to NTR Stadium.

3 pm: Public meeting at NTR Stadium.

Pamarru (Krishna district) - The Bus Yatra will be held under the leadership of MLA Kayle Anil Kumar.

2 pm: YSRCP Leaders Press Meet in Priya Towers.

2:30 pm: Bus Journey starts from Priya Towers.

3:30 pm: Open meeting at Pamarru Center with Deputy CM Anjad Bhasha, Minister Jogi Ramesh, MP Nandagam Suresh, MLA Kolusu Parthasaradhi and others.

Kavali (Nellore district) - The Samajika Sadhikara Bus Yatra will be held under the leadership of MLA Ramireddy Pratap Kumar Reddy.

12 pm: Press Conference at RSR Engineering College.

A Visit to Abdul Kalam's statue at Ongole Bus Stand, Dargah visit, and a walk to the market centre in the afternoon.

4:30 pm: A Public meeting will be held at the market centre.

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