No Evidence to Prove Anandaiah's Medicine Efficacy Against COVID

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Nellore: At a high-level review meeting on Covid-19, chaired by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy here on Monday, the officials discussed Anandaiah's herbal supplement and concluded to permit the administration of three traditional supplements simply named P, L, and F, except eye drops based on CRAS Report.

The officials stated that the government did not permit Anandaiah to administer the eye drops as the complete reports are yet to be submitted, which might take another 2-3 weeks. The officials said that the proposal was made based on the CCRAS report, and further clarified that the usage of other drugs shouldn’t be stopped as there are no conclusions that the traditional concoction will reduce the Covid.

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In regard to this, the authorities stated that Covid-19 infected persons should not come personally to take the Krishnapatnam medicine but their relatives could get it. Also, the Covid-19 protocol shall be strictly followed during the distribution of these supplements.

Meanwhile, the authorities also informed that there has been no evidence of adverse affects with these herbal concoctions. They informed that Anandaiah is giving four supplements P, L, F, K, along with eye drops, and didn’t demonstrate the preparation of K concoction to the committee due to the unavailability of raw materials. Reports say that the ingredients used by Anandayya are not harmful, while the complete study report on eye drops is yet to come. 

The officials stated that CCRAS conducted trials to know whether these supplements cure Covid-19 and made it clear that there is no evidence that it is curing Covid. However, the report confirmed that there is no harm with the ingredients used in the herbal preparations, but these cannot be recognized as Ayurvedic. The officials stated that if Anandaiah applies to get it recognized as Ayurvedic medicine, they shall take it under consideration.

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