Naidu is ready to cheat Kuppam people again: CM YS Jagan

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Gundisettipalle (Chittoor Dist): Taking the bull by its horns, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy affirmed that Chandrababu Naidu failed to fulfill aspirations of locals and lost the right to represent Kuppam constituency as he neglected it all the time.

Addressing a huge public meeting here on Monday, the Chief Minister said that Naidu, who opted to contest from Kuppam after he lost in Chandragiri in 1983 by a margin of over 17,000 votes, has been a failed leader as he totally neglected the constituency though it elected him as MLA seven times and is not worth to be Chief Minister, he said. 

Neither he owns a house in Kuppam nor did he give anything to the people of the constituency though they gave him everything and he neglected the BCs who form majority in Kuppam.

While Naidu’s style of functioning was full of deception and backstabbing, Jagan's administration revolved around the welfare of the people. He said, The former Chief Minister has no single achievement to his credit despite holding the mantle thrice as Chief Minister, he said. 

As he can’t claim to have implemented even a single welfare scheme for the benefit of people, Naidu has forged alliances with a foster son and others and is ready to cheat people again with false promises and deceptive alliances, he said and urged the people not to be misled by the impracticable assurances. 

If Naidu couldn’t complete even the Kuppam Branch Canal during his 14 year stint, what he can do to the State, he questioned.  Though YSRCP BC leader Bharat lost to Naidu in 2019 elections, he was made MLC, the Chief Minister said, stressing the MLC has been striving hard for the development of the Kuppam. 

The Chief Minister listed out the slew of welfare and development programmes carried out in Kuppam constituency in the last 57 months and said the Government has distributed Rs 1,899 Crore to eligible beneficiaries in full transparency through various welfare schemes, with the DBT component being Rs. 1,400 crore. 

He said that Kuppam people have a special place in the heart of the Government and 82,039 families out of the total 87,941 families in the constituency have received the Navaratnalu welfare benefits.  

The Chief Minister was all praise for the Kuppam people saying that they had remained patient all these years though Naidu and his supporters blocked the efforts to establish the facilities of Vellore CMC Medical College and Hospital in Chittoor district. 

Naidu also pushed the Chittoor Dairy towards insolvency for selfish gains, he said, adding that it was only after YSRCP came to power that the Chittor Dairy took rebirth and the CMC hospital and college facilities have come to the district.

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He said that after YSRCP came to power, Kuppam had seen brisk activity with 1,400 volunteers and 942 employees working in secretariats, 83 RBKs and 93 village secretariats. Added to this, 76 village clinics are striving hard to safeguard the health of the Kuppam people.

The Chief Minister also said that due to transparent implementation of various welfare programmes, the number of social pensioners in Kuppam has gone up to 45,374 now from 31,000 in TDP rule.  

The number of beneficiaries under YSR Aarogyasri, Vidya Deevena and Vasathi Deevena also went up to 33,795 from 7,002, to 12,093 from 8,459 and to 11,504 from 7,384 respectively, he said, adding this became possible as Government implemented the welfare programmes without bias and nepotism.

Government has so far distributed house site pattas to 15,721 persons and distribution of another 15,000 house site pattas is in the offing soon while construction of 4,871 houses has been completed.

He called upon the people to elect YSRCP candidate Bharat as MLA in the next elections while showing the door to Chandrababu Naidu.

Stating that TDP and his foster son will seek votes with misleading promises, he asked the people to become his soldiers and bring victory to the YSRCP if they believed that they have benefitted from the welfare schemes.


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