Video: God Has Better Script For Me, says CM Jagan on His Murder Attempt

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CM Jagan: God wants me to continue doing good work.

My wound will heal in another 10 days

The wound that Chandrababu Naidu has inflicted on the poor by cheating them won’t heal in this entire lifetime

Trusting Chandrababu Naidu is like handing over your house keys to a thief

CM Jagan Speech Highlights 

- What I see in our Krishna district today is nothing short of an ocean—a sea of people rallying on the right side as we head into the election battle on May 13th. 

- For the sake of our future generations, are you all prepared to battle against the alliance to ensure the continued progress of our schemes in every household? Are you all ready to press the FAN button to show your support to YSRCP government's development efforts? 

- 10 most corrupt including Chandrababu, yellow media, Dattaputra, BJP, Congress... so many traitors, and conspirators, are all aiming their arrows against your Jagan. However, your child is neither fearful nor hesitant. Just like the Kauravs couldn't win Kurukshetra by merely targeting Arjuna who was guided by Lord Krishna, similarly, throwing stones at Jagan won't stop him. Such assaults only strengthen my resolve. Stooping to such a level indicates that we are close to a big big victory.

- The wound inflicted on my forehead, by God's grace, is not a major one, signifying that God has greater plans for your child. This wound will heal in ten days, but the poor, unemployed, farmers, and marginalized communities will never forget the wounds inflicted by Chandrababu

- If Chandrababu can harm people, then your child has the right to help you and your household. Look at TDP’s 30-year-old ideology. Chandrababu's philosophy doesn't include helping the poor. NTR had said he wouldn't allow Babu to have his way for a reason. It was Chandrababu who didn't provide government jobs, who ruined government schools, who went to court saying giving houses to the poor would upset the caste balance!

- Believing Chandrababu is like handing over your keys to the thief. It's like placing your head in the tiger's mouth

- In these 58 months, YSRCP has transformed village after village. This 58-month period was a period of progress and revolutionised governance. We got the Grama Sachivalayam & volunteer system, village clinics, Rythu Bharosa Kendras, Rythu Bharosa scheme providing insurance to farmers, free electricity for up to 9 hours, free crop insurance…all this was done by your Jagan.

- Naidu, who only fooled the people is now feeling the heat as people acknowledge that it is Jagan who has done good for them in the past 58 months.

- In a sweeping wave of transformation, your son's reign witnessed groundbreaking advancements in education, housing, and healthcare, alongside strides in digital literacy with English learning, educational grants, GoruMudda, bilingual textbooks, IFPs, tablets, TOEFL, and skill development. Under your Jagan's leadership, these revolutions unfolded right before our eyes, shaping a brighter future for all.

- In the field of healthcare, under YSRCP, the poor are provided medical treatment free upto Rs 25 lakh. In addition to village clinics, family doctors, and health insurance, we have facilitated 54,000 appointments in government hospitals and are constructing 17 medical colleges. All these accomplishments are credited to your child, Jagan. Where is Chandrababu's mark in the field of medicine and health?

- On one side, you have Chandrababu who deceived you with his false promises, and on the other side, you have your Jagan, who stands for integrity, commitment, determination, and progress. Under your Jagan's leadership, we introduced reservation for women and have empowered them financially, politically, and socially.

- Remember, the impact of programmes like Cheyuta, Vahana Mitra, Netanna Nestham, and Matysaka Bharosa on self-employment.

- Four sea ports are coming, and the main port construction is progressing rapidly. That's Jagan for you. New airports, irrigation projects are nearing completion. That's Jagan for you, supporting MSMEs!

- In 'Ease of Doing Business' rankings, for the first time, we have consistently ranked No. 1 every year. The reason is your Jagan. If the manifesto has been implemented 99%, and if good things are happening then it’s because of your child. This is the truth!

- To ensure our flag flies high, and theirs remains grounded even when tied with four others, we must ensure our message goes from house to house. Your vote in this election will shape the next five years. Discuss this with your family; by casting your two votes to the fan (YSRCP symbol), ensure progress for every household. Spread the word to everyone and be my star campaigner.

- In 2014, Chandrababu formed an alliance and made big promises to every household, including signing off farm loan waiver, waiving off loans for savings societies, depositing Rs 25,000 after the birth of a female child, providing unemployment benefits, and developing AP better than Singapore. However, did he fulfill these promises? Did he deliver on the special status? They are trying to deceive us once again with new tricks! Don’t be fooled!

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