Even Dishti Bomma in Fields Can Be Trusted, But Chandrababu Can't Be Trusted: CM Jagan

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CM Jagan says Dishti Bomma (Scarecrow or Strawman or Effigy) in Fields Better Be Trusted Than Babu

TDP + Janasena + BJP is unholy and opportunistic alliance to loot the poor's dreams, aspirations

Chandramukhi Gang or the 420 Gang is ganging up against the poor, beware!

Politicians who cheat people with fake election promises should be called 420.

CM Jagan's Speech Highlights: Memantha Siddham in Chelluru, Vizianagaram

- Vizianagaram is all set, it's Siddham! Today, as I look at the massive crowd here, I see a determined army, ready to defeat our opponents. The people of Uttar Andhra and Vizianagaram are prepared to show our enemies the taste of defeat

- These upcoming elections are not just about choosing your MLA/MP. They are about ensuring that our welfare schemes continue for the next five years. I see people here who are ready to defeat the forces that oppose the welfare and development of the poor, just like the Kaurava army (Nara army) that was defeated 

- Today, Chandrababu has the support of Congress and BJP, both directly and indirectly. He also has the backing of his adopted son (Pawan Kalyan), as well as media outlets like Eenadu, AndhraJyothy, and TV5. Despite all this, Chandrababu relies on lies and deceit

- They have all ganged up like a pack of wolves to fight against one Jagan. If Jagan hadn't brought welfare and development to every household, why would all these wolves gang up against me?

- But, Jagan is not alone; my strength comes from the support of millions like you. In the last 58 months of my governance, I have brought positive change to every household, and I draw strength from that.

- While we have worked for the welfare of all sections of society, TDP has deceived everyone. Their agenda is to defeat Jagan, but our goal in this Kurukshetra batle, is to secure victory for the poor. Are you all ready to create history once again and ensure our victory?

- Those who steal valuables from households are called 'thieves'. Similarly, all political leaders who deceive people with fake election promises should be called '420.' The unholy alliance that has ganged up to destroy and loot the dreams and aspirations of the poor people should be called ‘Chandramukhi Gang’ or the ‘420 gang’

- To Fulfill Your Dreams, You Have Jagan's Schemes. Having understood the dreams of the poor, your son Jagan has introduced 40 schemes. To fulfill these dreams, your son pressed the button 130 times, distributing Rs 2.7 lakh crore directly into your bank accounts. I am proud to say that I could deliver the dreams of my sisters directly into their bank accounts through my schemes. Our schemes have made all of those dreams come true. This is what defines our governance over the last 58 months.

- Every elder sister dreams of living with dignity, having a loving family, and providing a good education to her children. They aspire to earn a living and support their families. How did we ensure that? With YSR Asara and YSR Cheyutha schemes were crafted to support my SC, ST, BC, and Minority sisters aged between 45 and 60 years. For my Kapu sisters, we initiated the Kapunestham scheme. Similarly, the ABC Nestham scheme was launched for my elder sisters.

- I strongly believe that the dreams of our sisters and brothers are realized through the schemes we have implemented. I take pride in saying that dreams are the inspiration for the poor, and our schemes are the means to achieve them.

- During Chandrababu's regime, such schemes were non-existent. Instead, we witnessed a government focused solely on monetary gains, a regime that deceived my elder sisters, left them stranded, and exploited them.

- Each older sister has a younger sister and dreams of owning her own home, a dream she has cherished her entire life. What have we done to fulfill this dream? We have issued 31 lakh house titles in the name of my elder sisters, with 21 lakh houses already under construction. The dream belongs to you, but the scheme is mine.

- I have witnessed the heartbreaking reality in our state where children are unable to attend school due to poverty. This was evident during my padayatra. I was born to fulfill the dreams of these underprivileged individuals. I understood the aspirations of a poor mother who dreams of a bright future for her children. This led us to establish English medium schools, transitioning from CBSE to IB in government education. We introduced various measures such as TOEFL training in government schools starting from the third grade, Byju's content, and digital teaching from the sixth grade, providing tablets to students in the eighth standard.

- Today, we have extended educational and accommodation benefits to 93% of children pursuing higher education. We have revamped the curriculum, integrated certified online verticals from foreign schools into our degrees, and made internships mandatory in our degree programs. These initiatives stem from the dreams of those children and the plans of my elder sister and children.

- I question Chandrababu, who has been the CM for 14 years, has he done anything for the poor? I ask if he has even considered their plight. Why did these ideas not occur to Chandrababu? Because Chandrababu signifies Chandramukhi, not someone who works for the welfare of the poor, but someone who preys on them!

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