Doctors Perplexed Over Cluster Cases in AP

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Doctors in Andhra Pradesh are worried over the growing incidents of Corona patients who are collapsing due to lack of oxygen support in restrooms. Medical professionals are calling for close monitoring of such patients.

After observing patients, physician Dr Subramanian told a news daily that there are three patterns of the disease. One of them is infection with mild symptoms where the entire family is affected but recovering. The second one is with mild to moderate illness and in this case also, patients are recovering from domestic treatment.

The third pattern is lethal where along with the patient, all the family members are admitted to the hospital and some have even succumbed.

Subramanian said that doctors are also perplexed over the spread of the virus among people in the trading community. He asserted that the mortality rate among youngsters is high in the second wave. The doctor suspected it could be because of the severe virulence of the strain.

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Dr Subramanian advised that it is important for the patients to watch out for the oxygen saturation in the body to consider the severity of the virus. "If there is a sign of any of the Covid-19 symptoms, it requires immediate attention and hospitalisation", he added.

He suggested the patients should check their oxygen saturation levels before and after walking for 6 minutes and seek medical assistance if the levels are falling after a walk. Following this simple method can help in saving many lives.

He said the medical community is also worried about the Covid-19 patients as they are all of a sudden becoming breathless and dying before medical assistance is provided.

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