CM Jagan Speech Highlights: Memantha Siddham at Puthalapattu, Chittoor

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Highlights from CM YS Jagan's Speech from Memantha Siddham at Puthapattu, Chittor

- You all have two options in the upcoming election. Credibility on one side, fraud on the other side. Truth on one side, falsehood on the other side. Welfare and development on one side, envy and deceit on the other side. Good on one side, evil on the other side. Light on one side, darkness on the other side.
- Thanks to the mandate given by the people, we were able to deliver what we promised in every household. On the other side, there is an alliance that has been in power for three times in the past but all that they gave to you was lies, fraud, evil.
- This is a war between Chandrababu Naidu, who has a habit of cheating people, and Jagan on the other side, who does everything for the people. In this war, Pachmedia, Dattaputrudu, BJP and Congress are all on Chandrababu's side to fight against your child.
- Are you all ready to stand up for the poor, children, elder sisters, grandparents, poor, weak and minorities by supporting our YSRCP government on May 13? Are you ready to support politics that has values ​​and credibility? Are you ready to help me win 175/175, 25/25 seats to defeat the corrupt and the bigots? Are you ready to help me with a double century government?
- We gave them an opportunity in the past to do good for you. But did they? Have an open discussion amongst yourselves and make a conscious decision. I want all of you to visit each and every house in the neighbourhood, have an open discussion about what Chandrababu's government provided when they ruled for 10 years. Check your bank statement from earlier years. Were you able to find even a single scheme through which Naidu deposited one rupee in your account. No? That’s the truth! Remember your vote will decide your fate!
- Check your bank account statement today. Think about who sent money directly for your sisters. Think about who helped you maintain your self-respect. On the other hand, everytime you see secretariats, you will be reminded of Jagan. It is your Jagan who built Rythu Bharosa Kendras. It is your Jagan who upscaled all government buildings. It is your Jagan that did doorstep delivery of services. It is your Jagan that upheld the self-respect of the poor. It is my volunteers who come knocking on your grandparent’s doors to give them pensions.
- Chandrababu knows in his heart of hearts all the good that me and my Government have done. He can’t bear the truth, so he is busy trying to malign all that I created and did.

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