Chandrababu Cheated Farmers, Forced to Pay High Interests in his Govt: CM Jagan

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CBN Duped Farmers By Promising Farm Loan Waiver, Indebted Farmers Were Forced To Pay Hefty Interests Under Him

CM Jagan Lambasts Naidu

CM Jagan: My Commitment To Farmers Can Be Proven By The Fact That Even Though I Promised To Give Rs 50,000, I Actually Gave Rs 67,500 To Each Farmer In 5 Years

’State Can Only Prosper If Our Farmers Are Happy’

’State Can Only Prosper If Our Farmers Are Happy’

Continuing his unwavering support to the farmers of the state, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy today disbursed Rs 1,078.36 crore under the third tranche of financial assistance of ‘YSR Rythu Bharosa - PM Kisan’ and Rs 215.98 crore under ‘YSR Sunna Vaddi Panta Runalu’.

The financial support under the Rythu Bharosa scheme has been received by 53.58 lakh farmers and as many as 10.78 lakh farmers received the benefits of the Sunna Vaddi and Panta Runalu scheme.

Crediting the assistance directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiary farmers from his camp office, CM Jagan stated, “For the fifth consecutive year, the state government has provided financial aid to farmers under YSR Rythu Bharosa, supporting farmers and making farming a profitable enterprise in the state.”*

The Chief Minister further added, “The YSRCP government has been providing Rs.13,500 aid every year under the Rythu Bharosa Scheme. The total amount is credited in three instalments in the account of farmers. Previously, the state government has provided two tranches of financial assistance of Rs 11,500 to farmers in the current year. Today, the government has released the third installment of financial assistance under the scheme amounting to Rs 2,000. The aid will be credited to the bank accounts of 53.58 lakh farmers in the state.”

Underlining that the YSRCP government strongly believes that the state's well-being is based on the prosperity of the state’s farmers, CM Jagan remarked, “Over the last 57 months, every decision of the state government has been taken considering the welfare of farmers and farmworkers. Throughout these five years, we have consistently offered support through YSR Rythu Bharosa."

“Under my complete tenure, the state government has disbursed more than Rs 34,000 crore (Rs. 34,288) for the welfare of the farmers in the state. Each beneficiary of the YSR Rythu Bharosa – PM Kisan has received Rs 67,500 in the last 57 months.

CM Jagan further highlighted that his government has outperformed themselves and delivered more than what they have promised in the manifesto in order to benefit farmers. He said, “We have promised to give Rs 50,000 to each farmer in 5 years but we have given Rs 67,500 i.e, Rs 17,500 more than what we promised."

Furthermore, CM Jagan informed that the state government has also released Rs 215.98 crore today under YSR Sunna Vaddi Panta Runalu benefitting 10.78 lakh farmers. The beneficiaries of the scheme, who have been consistently repaying loans, have received financial assistance. To date, 84.66 lakh farmers have received Rs 2,050 crore as interest subsidy under this scheme in the last 57 months.

CM Jagan: Chandrababu duped farmers in the name of farm loan waiver, farmers were forced to pay Rs 5000 crore annually as interest

Reminding people how Chandrababu deceived farmers by promising the farming community to waive off their loans, CM Jagan said, “In a bid to become chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu announced farm loan waiver to the tune of Rs 87,612 crore. However, after coming to power, the TDP government duped the farmers by giving farm loan documents to the farmers without waiving any loan amount. Subsequently, Chandrababu scrapped the zero-interest subsidy scheme which had severely impacted the farming community.”

Reprimanding Naidu further, the Chief Minister said, “During Chandrababu’s tenure, the farmers of the state were paying Rs 5,000 - 6,000 crore annually in interest and compound interest.”

“On the contrary, under our government has disbursed Rs 34,288 crore through the YSR Rythu Bharosa program in the last five years. Additionally, Rs 65,258 crore were allocated for the procurement of farm produce, and a whopping Rs 1.2 lakh crore have been given to farmers through various schemes in the last 57 months,” CM added.

CM Jagan: Andhra Pradesh is the only state providing free crop insurance to farmers

Elaborating further on the measures taken by the government for the welfare of farmers, CM Jagan elaborated, “The state government is also providing  9 hours quality power supply to over 19 lakh farmers. Each farmer is getting free electricity worth Rs. 45,000 annually. The state government is spending an annual expenditure of approximately Rs. 9,000 crore to provide the free power supply to the farmers.”

The Chief Minister further said, “Andhra Pradesh is the only state that pays a premium for providing free crop insurance to farmers. Historically, farmers have never had insurance premiums covered on their behalf by a state government anywhere in the country.”

“The initiative will rescue farmers who face difficulties and incur crop losses during the season, we provide input subsidies before the crop season concludes. This practice has been consistently followed in the past five years,” CM Jagan added.

Highlighting the pro-farmer initiatives introduced by the government, CM Jagan said, “We have established Rythu Bharosa Kendras at the village level, providing agriculture assistance to support farmers in various ways, including e-crop management. We are trying to guide farmers right from sowing the seeds to the sale of crops.”

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