This App Can Alert You On Lightning Strikes in Monsoon

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On one hand, the arrival of the monsoon brings delight, while on the other, it brings anxiety.

If there is a lot of rain, water inundation cannot be stopped.

There are plenty of water resources.

At the same time, there are occasions where lightning strikes killing a large number of people.

Meteorologists believe the danger can be avoided.

Keeping the Vajrapath app open can help avoid lightning strikes.

Rajam: People losing their lives after lightning strikes is not unheard of. Farmers and others in the fields often become victims. They are inevitable and unavoidable even though the Indian government's use of technology to send text messages to mobile phones and issue warnings. According to experts, anybody with an Android phone in their hand can download an app called Vajrapath to get alerts on possible lightning.

Every year, over 120 individuals in the region die from lightning strikes. Animals too have suffered a blow. Farmers make up a majority of the casualties. The Central Government pays Rs. 4 lakh in compensation to individuals who died as a result of lightning. In the case of a partial disability, the compensation surpasses Rs. 2 lakhs. 

Measures to be taken 

  • One can safeguard themselves from thunderbolts that strike during the rain with a few measures that can save lives.
  • Stay out of the trees when there's rain or a storm.
  • Make your way to the safe zones.
  • As part of the first aid, an individual who has been struck by lightning should be removed from the location and arrangements should be made to provide oxygen.
  • By vigorously massaging the hands and feet with our hands, the severity of the injury can be minimised.
  • Make sure to move animals to safer places.

How to get the app.

Anyone with an Android phone can download the Vajrapath app from the Google Play Store. You must input your mobile phone number. Red, orange, and yellow circles appear based on that number, indicating the location. These circles include digits. Information on how soon there is a probability of a thunderstorm coming in is based on the details you provide. This image depicts a secure location. It also tells you whether or not there is a risk of lightning. It also shows when the storms will strike the other side of the location. This software may also be used to notify others in your immediate vicinity.

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