AP SEC: Notification Schedule For Election of MPPs, ZP Chairpersons

Andhra Pradesh SEC: Notification Schedule For Election of MPPs, ZP Chairpersons 2021 - Sakshi Post

MPTC ZPTC Elections 2021: The Andhra Pradesh State Election Commission issued a notification fixing September 24th as the date for the indirect election (by the elected members) of the president and vice-president of the mandal parishads (MPTC).

The chairperson and vice-chairperson of the zilla parishads (ZPTC)  will be elected on the September 25th. SEC Nilam Sawhney has issued directions to this effect on Sunday.

MPTC President, Vice President Election Schedule

  • Notices on special meeting to all MPTC members by the 20th.
  • Receipt of nominations for the election of Co-option member in the Mandal Parishad by 10 am on the 24th.
  • Examination within one hour in the afternoon, withdrawal of nominations, election.
  • 1 pm: Swearing in of Co-option member
  • 3 pm: Selection of MP, Vice MP at a special meeting

ZPTC Chairman, Vice Chairman Election Schedule

  • Notices on Special Meeting to ZPTCs by 21st
  • Receipt of nominations for the election of two Co-option members by ten o'clock on the morning of the 25th.
  • Scrutiny of nominations, withdrawal, election between ten to one o'clock.
  • 1 pm: Swearing in of Co-option members
  • 3 pm: Election of ZP Chairperson, two YS Chairmen

-The Gazetted Officer nominated by the Collector will act as the Presiding Officer for the MPP elections.

-Collectors will act as the presiding officer for the election of ZP Chairman and Vice-Chairmen

-Elections of MPP and ZP chairmen should be held at 3 pm the next day if they cannot be held due to unavoidable reasons or circumstances.

-MLAs are allowed as special invitees to the election meeting of MPP and ZP chairmen.

-MLAs do not have the right to vote.

-Earlier, the ZPTC members would elect a chairman and a vice-chairman, The State government has recently amended the Panchayati Raj Act to elect a second vice-chairman as well.

The ruling YSR Congress on Sunday made a clean sweep of the mandal and zilla parishads elections (MPTC ZPTC Polls), routing the opposition Telugu Desam Party in all 13 districts.

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