Andhra Pradesh: Police Officer Mistakenly Drinks Sanitzer

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ONGOLE: Abdul Razak, who is working as an SI in a local police training college, fell ill after drinking sanitizer instead of fresh water. The incident took place in Kurnool district. He is a resident of Srinivasa Colony in Kurnool district.

According to the preliminary investigation, Razak drinks fresh water daily in the morning. In the same manner, one day, he drank water mixed with sanitizer. The matter came to light when he was treated at a private hospital in the city and provided information to the police. CI Sivaramakrishna Reddy said that a case has been filed by Razak and they are investigating the case.

Earlier, we have seen many people especially tipplers, most of them labourers, tried sanitiser mixed with soft drink or water. Some of the people died and some recovered.

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