Mukesh Ambani’s Fake Twitter Account Becomes Popular!

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HYDERABAD: Most of the celebrities are stepping into the world of social media these days. They love to stay in touch with their fans and want to share their opinions and thoughts through social media as it is one of the most powerful tools of communication.

Whenever a celebrity creates an account on social media, their fans definitely not miss a chance to follow them, isn't it? Yes. In the same way, when the news of Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries created a Twitter handle has come out, the fans of Mukesh started following him.

The number of followers increased to 19K within a very less span of time and the account is not following anyone. The Twitter account comes with @Mukesh_Ambani_ handle name and the account has been created in April 2020. The first tweet sent from the account says, "Finally, I joined Twitter..." The Tweet was liked by 16.1 K people and retweeted by 1.2K members. Here is the tweet.

Padma Shri Amitabh Mattoo was following this parody account thinking it as real. The account was definitely a fake one as there is no blue tick mark, a proof for verified accounts. Generally, many people create fake accounts and try to pass false information. However, Twitter takes maximum care to suspend such accounts.

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