Liquor Prasad At Kaal Bhairav Temple in Ujjain

Devotees offer liquor at Kaala Bhairav temple in Ujjain. The alcohol prasad is then distributed among devotees. - Sakshi Post

When you visit temples what kind of offerings do you make? Prasad or offering in Indian temples would generally comprise money, food or at times clothes, right? But what if I told you there's a temple along Shipra River bank in Ujjain where devotees offer liquor to God! Sounds unbelievable? Read on to know more.

Kala Bhairav is one of the dieties worshipped by the Hindu devotees. The Kala Bhairav temple in Madhya Pradesh gets a unique offering from devotees on a daily basis. Guess what it is? Well, it's liquor! Really, we are not kidding.

And that's not all. Here comes the best part. The devotees get a taste of the offering too! Wow, isn't that great? The Ujjain temple is saod be to have been built by marathas and devotees need not carry alcohol all the way to the temple because the journey to the temple itself is an arduous task. the temple has made it convenient for the devotees by making alcohol available outside the temple along with the usual agarbathi, flowers etc.

It is believed that Kaala Bhairav actually drinks liquor!

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