Single This Valentine’s Day? This Is For You

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The month of love, February is at its best now, and there are flowers, gifts and the color red in every street and shop around the city. In this month, when people in love are going all out to show their significant other how much they love the other, singles are being singled out. There was never a day, month, or year dedicated to us. Or is this what we think?

If there is no day dedicated to us, that is because every day is a singles day. A day when you do things for yourself and be nice to yourself. It is just a matter of perspective. No one to think about, just your selfish needs and yourself to pamper. This Valentine’s Day, if you are single, and you have single friends, remind them to love themselves, and dedicate the day to self-love. Here are a few things singles can do on this valentine’s day.


The best way to show yourself you love yourself is by buying yourself some things. It could be clothes, perfumes, shoes, bags, makeup, watches and anything that allows you to think you are worth all of it. The crux of it is that you consider yourself worth all of it.

Spa, massages, body treatments and relaxants

Yes, this is a much-underrated body treatment out there. Although people are recognizing the benefits of a regular massage, it still is a luxury. But the kind of stress that you relieve with just a very good massage is unmatched, and people need to get it done more often to relieve themselves of physical stress, that in turn can contribute to growing mental stress.


Go out, play some paintball, some laser tag. Get into a go-cart and zip your way past laps. Hyderabad and many other metro cities have so many options on offer for recreation. Bowling, foosball, snooker are just a few indoor games you can opt for. Apart from this, many places have set up arenas for you to play pitched matches like cricket and football in confined spaces thanks to its nets.

Meet other single friends

If you have been feeling left out, chances are, a lot of your single friends have been feeling left out as well. Although this generation is more of a ‘Stay At Home’ generation, take the effort, go out, meet a friend in need. And do things together. And you never know, your single friend can you become your future valentine.

Short road trips.

Take a friend or two, and head out on the roads for a short road trip you can finish within a day. It never is the destination that matters. You will grow up one day to realize that it’s the journey there that matters more than the place itself. If the destination is a good one, it’s just a plus.

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