Taking Vitamins Before & During Pregnancy

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Taking Vitamins before and during pregnancy are very crucial to ensure proper health of the baby. These supplements are very helpful for women who have already conceived or are trying to conceive as these contain essential vitamins for proper child growth and development. These nutrients really help the prospective mother to cope up with the nutritional gaps and dietary inefficiencies. It is essential for women who are trying to conceive to start taking these vitamins are these shall substantially ensure that your baby is healthy and also reduces Neural Tube Defects.

Consuming a healthy diet is always a good idea but most diets even the best ones are incapable to deliver all the nutrition that is required for the birth of the baby. These Vitamins that are advised by the doctor to take during and before the pregnancy are actually rich in folic acid, iron, iodine and calcium.

Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre enlists several benefits of consuming vitamins before and during pregnancy:

Women need a lot of iron during pregnancy and prenatal supplements take care of it. Our body uses the iron to make Haemoglobin for the baby as well. Iron-deficiency in the body also helps in preventing Anaemia. It complicates pregnancy and results in unnecessary weakness and tiredness for the mother. Thus, it is very essential to have these vitamins as prescribed by the doctor.

Dietary insufficiencies can result in Preterm Delivery, Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality. But prenatal vitamins will definitely take care of the calcium, folic acid and other essential nutrients that can help protect your child’s health as well as your own. Thus, the Risk of Preterm Delivery, Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality are substantially reduced.

It is very necessary to eat well before and during pregnancy to meet the body’s nutritional insufficiencies. As certain dietary requirements are higher at this time, even an exceptional diet may not deliver the additional nutrients you need to guard both yours and your child’s health. During pregnancy, the prospective mother must eat a wholesome diet that includes meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains.

Prenatal Vitamins substantially reduce the threat of birth defects. It is not essential that if the mother is taking prenatal vitamins, the baby cannot have birth defects but it significantly works on decreasing such threats. Folic acid helps in dropping the risk of birth defects in the offsprings.

It is very essential that the prospective mother gets adequate calcium while she is pregnant. Getting sufficient calcium can decrease the danger of mounting preeclampsia and hypertension. Deficiency of calcium in the mother can lead to bone problems of the baby. Prenatal vitamins can help in fulfilling calcium deficiencies.

Prenatal Vitamins are must have to consume before and during pregnancy as they actually take care of the mother and the baby’s nutritional needs.

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