Is the GHMC meant only for VVIPS?

Is the GHMC meant only for VVIPS? - Sakshi Post

Is the GHMC meant only for VVIPS, the streets they live on and the roads they travel by? Does the common citizen have any right to the amenities he expects from them after paying his taxes dutifully? Isn't it the duty of the GHMC to serve all tax-paying citizens equitably?

If you look at the hurried manner in which the  a section of the city is being spruced up for the COP-11 summit that is to take place in Hyderabad from October 1 to 19, you will see the contrast between the treatment VVIPs in this country get and what the common citizen is forced to live with. Roads that lead to Hitex and other places on the itinerary of the delegates are being recarpeted, greenery being 'created' out of nowhere, flyovers being painted, cable wires on arterial roads leading to the venue being pulled down and neatly rolled unobtrusively on telephone and electricity poles. In short, VVIP areas leading to the COP-11 summit venue will sport a completely different look by the end of this month, where as the rest of the city will continue to languish as it always has. Are citizens in the other parts of the twin cities condemned to suffer pot-hole ridden roads? One downpour exposes the sort of shoddy work our GHMC contractors perform. In the past one month, life in the city came to a stand-still on at least two occasions on account of heavy showers. This being the case, why did the GHMC wait till the very last minute for even this part of the twin cities to be redone?
Does it take a summit of this scale for the GHMC to wake up, even if it has to spruce up a part of the city? Suddenly, we find workers materializing out of nowhere working round  the clock, digging, laying roads, cleaning up and giving parts of the city a complete make-over. We had experienced this eleventh-hour sprucing of Delhi for the Commonwealth Games and the thousands of crores of rupees splurged in the work that was seen as a race against time. Suresh Kalmadi and company had patted themselves on the back, for good reason too, as we came to know later.
While the effort to spruce up all roads leading to Hitex, is to be welcomed, isn't the money being spent on all this flowing out of the pockets of all citizens of Greater Hyderabad? Isn't it the responsibility of the GHMC to pay a thought to their suffering as well? What happens when the summit gets over on October 19? Hyderabad will lapse into its usual state of pathetic neglect at the hands of the authorities.

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