Indian-owned food production firm launches new unit in UAE 

Arab and India Spices (AIS) has established the new unit in Ajman at an investment of $95.2 million.  - Sakshi Post

Dubai: An Indian-owned food importing company Arab and India Spices (AIS) has launched its new food production facility in the UAE. AIS has established the new unit at an investment of $95.2 million. The company is planning to expand to other parts of the Middle East (ME) region.
With the expansion of its production facility, Arab and India Spices is expecting an annual turnover of Dh1 billion ($272million) starting from this year. The new unit is located in Ajman. The 70-year-old company is one of the first and largest firms that sources and processes a range of pulses and ground spices in the Gulf.

Harish Kumar Lal Tahiliani, Managing Director of Arab and India Spices, said: “This new facility is an extended version of AIS’ existing state-of-the-art food processing plant in Ajman. AIS began in a 400 square feet facility in the UAE and now it operates a 400,000 square feet production facility extended gradually, making AIS one of the largest food production and processing facility in the region. The hi-tech plant is part of the company’s plans to drive the continued growth of its business in the UAE and expand further into other parts of the Gulf region.”

The company is one of the largest importers of pulses, lentils, spices and rice from several countries. AIS imports hundreds of tonnes of foodstuff annually to the GCC. AIS has diversified its operations from milling and grinding to processing of whole spices and consumer packing.
Source: PTI

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