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By Amena Rasti

Fine Dining is an experience in itself. Many of us Hyderabadis have experienced our fair share of fine dining, thanks to the many restaurants that have sprouted its way into the city. When entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts Gurdeep Singh, and Devi Dutt got together to start a food venture, they knew that taking the mundane route of opening just another restaurant was not something that would stand out. For them to make a mark from day one, they had to up their ante and give Hyderabad an experience that was one-of-a-kind.

So they made a dining table, attached some revolving chairs to it, hooked it up to a crane, and voila! You dine alright, but hanging high up in the air. Cloud Dining, as the name suggests makes you feel a part of the clouds while you dine.

Cloud Dining is a restaurant that has set itself up in Hyderabad’s IT corner, Hi-Tec city, catering to a crowd that are diverse, as many people who have moved into Hyderabad in the recent times have found themselves staying in that end of the city.

"It’s a 26-seater table platform where at a time that many guests can only be seated. The guests will be taken up to 160-feet high above the ground and the food will be served. A 200 ton capacity crane will hoist your dining set," said Gurdeep Singh.

"It is designed according to German technology and is certified by competent authorities. The whole mechanism follows the safety standards enforced by safety experts," he added.

The guests and the staff are at all times secured with safety belts and harness during the eating sessions.

"We have sessions of 45 minutes each where in a fixed menu will be served to the guests. They will have a choice of veg and non-veg that they will have to choose during the time of booking. Each session will be priced at 4,999 per person," said co-founder of the restaurant Amit.

Talking about its menu, the five-course meal is curated by the winner of Master Chef India season 3, Ripu Daman Handa.

Cloud dining will bring you this unique experience clubbed with lip-smacking food right here in the city! The restaurant opens officially on November 1, 2019 and one can make bookings online on their official website.

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Cloud Dining Hyderabad
Dining Set Lifted in The Air
A 200 ton crane which will lift up the dining set
Beautiful view of Cyber Towers and Metros passing by
26 seater dining platform

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