Gang involved in tampering with answer copies busted

Gang involved in tampering with answer copies busted - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad police have busted a racket of tampering with answer sheets of (JNTU) in Hyderabad with the arrest of 12 people Thursday.

Gang members, including students from engineering colleges in the city, were held for tampering with B.Tech examination answer sheets after taking them in their custody while transporting the bundles from various colleges to the JNTU examination branch at Kukatpally, police said.
The commissioner's task force found that the answer sheets were handed to students who appeared in the supplementary examination. The students took home the sheets and tampered with them by correcting the answers.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Jaya Laxmi told reporters that the accused took Rs.5,000 to 10,000 per paper. They would later deposit the answer sheets back in JNTU.
Police seized nine bundles of sealed answer sheets and 68 loose sheets belonging to various colleges while being transported in a four-wheeler to students' homes.
Police caught the students red-handed while re-writing answer sheets in their homes. Police also seized Rs.65,000 from the accused.
M. Venkatesh, a book keeper in the library of Aryyabatta Engineering College at Maheshwaram, and C. Balu Mahender, a driver in the postal department, are the key accused who handed over the answer sheets through their agents to students for re-writing.
The arrested men include seven B Tech final year students. They paid money to get the answer sheets and re-wrote the answers either on their own or with the help of other students.

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