Is Baba Bhaskar Jealous Over Rahul Sipligunj’s Achievement, Check Out His Comments

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There is no game without the noise or excitement in the house. Sometimes without a punch, there would be no fun in the house. Are you wondering who this person is? He is none other than dance master Baba Bhaskar. He has been known to a limited audience as a dance master, before the Bigg Boss show. Now, Baba Bhaskar has become a household name during his stint on the show. The 17 celebrity contestants played well to win the crown of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. The top three finalists were Rahul Sipligunj Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar. As soon as he stepped out of the house, Baba Bhaskar expressed his heartfelt greetings to his fans and audience for supporting him unconditionally. He was so elated that countless audiences got his name to be in the top three finalists. He said," My Journey with Bigg Boss is unforgettable. The show has taught me many things about how to mould ourselves in some situations. It will be remembered as a big lesson in my life. For 17 contestants in the houses, 300 people have worked it for smooth execution and they made it a huge success. Though I faced tough competition from my housemates, I played it well by overcoming every obstacles and difficulty. I'm so happy and excited that my name 'Baba Bhaskar' was listed in the top three. He thought Sreemukhi would emerge as the winner. Sadly, it is the audience who decides who should win the title or who gets runner with their votings. In Bigg Boss house, things won't happen as we imagine it to. As the game was coming to an end, I thought Sreemukhi, Rahul or Varun would become the winner. Among these three contestants, I had so much confidence in Sreemukhi that she will bag the winner's trophy. But, Rahul became the winner and there is no problem in that at all.

I'm wishing Rahul should get success and wealth in whatever work he does. It would be good if the audience could have voted and supported the good contestant. Is Baba Bhaskar worrying or jealous about Rahul's achievement. Why is he thinking audiences haven't supported Rahul Sipligunj who was a good contestant. Truth to be told, Rahul was one of the good contestants with many good qualities. We are not blaming Baba Bhaskar whether he is happy or not about Rahul being the winner of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, but the statement suggesting that the audience could have voted for the good contestant is hurting Rahul fans on social media.

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