Kathi Mahesh Warns Kaushal Army: Stop Targeting Contestants  

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With just a few days left for Bigg Boss 2 to wrap up, excitement is building up both inside and outside the house. While contestants are nervous about eviction and winner, fans are at the edge of their seats too wondering who will finally emerge winner. The suspense has reached its peak as the final episode unfolds.

It is being speculated that a top star from Tollywood would be the guest of honour at the grand finale of the show to announce the  winner of season-2.

Meanwhile, anybody who shows interest about Bigg Boss is asked about Kaushal Army. It's a known fact that not only evicted contestants but also celebrities have aired their views about Kaushal army, which is a hot topic on social media circles. Recently, Aadhi, Sri Reddy and Anchor Ravi were questioned about Kaushal army and they rooted for Kaushal. Now, the latest star to join the bandwagon is none other than former Bigg Boss contestant Kathi Mahesh.

He has stated If you people admire star by their films it is good. Coming to bigg boss, audiences may observe the behaviour of housemates in the house. Any contestant could leave a mark amongst the audience during his stint on the show. Audience will have their own favourite. Few people may like or dislike  contestants for their own reasons. Dragging people who don't like them on public domain and trolling them is really bad. He had recalled the words said by NTR during the previous episode in which he was one of the contestants on the show. Our country, family are important in everyone's lives. If love you a star, watch their films but don't put other people down for your own happiness.

For the last few days, I  have been hearing about Kaushal army. I don't really know if they are real fans or not. They are abusing and threatening other housemates on social media which isn't good. Love Kausal, promote and support him..it doesn't matter. Targeting other contestants because of what they say to Kaushal and trolling them on social media network isn't fair at all. Other contestants have their own families whose feelings could eb hurt by your attitude. Their reputation in the society too could be hit. Bigg Boss violence can be seen in the name army itself. Who your soldiers are battling with? Audiences must question themselves.

Take a look at Kathi Mahesh's tweet and his sensational comments on Kaushal army:

Now, it remains to be seen how Kaushal army will react to Kathi's sensational comments against them.

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