Kaushal Popularity Plunges, Bigg Boss Fans Brand Him Sadist

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Looks like Bigg Boss 2 contestant Kaushal Manda is losing his popularity. Often referred to as a one man Army, Kaushal used to be on his own inside the house with no support from other housemates. He would accomplish tasks assigned by host Nani all by himself and garnered praise from the audience. So much so that a group of fans formed a huge army to support him.

The Kaushal Army is perhaps the first of its kind with huge popularity and being discussed on social media every other day. Perhaps that's the reason why even Nani seemed impressed and even praised him saying Kaushal was no more a one-man Army as he had won the support of scores of the show viewers.

Ever since, there seems to be a change in Kaushal's attitude. Even social media has been abuzz with negative talks about the contestant. Kaushal and Geetha have been fighting on and off and audience are pretty much fed up with both the contestants. However, this drama, on the other hand is earning huge TRPs for the show.

Kaushal's recent altercation with Geetha after the sleep task has not gone down well with the audience. social media is abuzz with comments branding Kaushal a sadist.

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Here's a look at the tweets...

So, what do you think of the tweets? Do you think Kaushal's popularity chart is taking a plunge? After this, will Kaushal be evicted from the show? Watch this space for updates.

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