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Actress-producer Genelia Deshmukh says her actor husband Rietish Deshmukh always finds a way to make her feel really special.

Genelia, who turned 31 on August 5, took to Instagram where she shared a photograph of a cake baked by Ritiesh.

"So, yesterday was my birthday and I just feel once you are a mom you kinda forget about yourself most often but thank god for Riteish, he finds ways to make me feel special and he baked me this most gorgeous yummiest caramel cheesecake," she captioned the image.

The actress, who tied the knot with Riteish in 2012, said that cooking or baking "was never something he thought of attempting".

"But for us he did and apart from him being sooo good at it, him doing it for you, makes the world go round. And hey! that was just surprise number one," she tweeted.

The pair together welcomed their first child, a son named Riaan, in November 2014. Their second son Rahyl Deshmukh was born in June 2016.

She later shared a painting done by Riteish for the first time.

"Then came something even more special... his first ever painting. Riteish, I love you and that is part of my world and part of what I do in a heartbeat but how could I not, when you think of making things special for me, when you make sure my day goes just the way I like it and most importantly when you make me feel we are never too old to celebrate and more importantly celebrate Life," she captioned the imagr.

Genelia says she is proud of Riteish "and if that means shouting it out from the rooftops I would do that in a jiffy."


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