Balapur Laddu auction fetches Rs 9.26 lakh

Balapur Laddu auction fetches Rs 9.26 lakh - Sakshi Post

The laddu offering made at the Ganesh idol at the Balapur pandal has fetched a record sum of Rs. 9.26 lakh for the organisers, when it was auctioned ahead of the commencement of the centralised Ganesh idol immersion procession in Hyderabad on Wednesday morning.


Ex-Mayor Tegala Krishna Reddy  bid the record sum to take possession of the laddu, weighing about 21 kgs, which he plans to distribute to his kith and kin. Last year, Pannala Goverdhan Reddy bid highest amount of Rs. 7.5 lakh.

The auctioning of laddus at Ganesh pandals began in 1994, when they fetched around Rs. 450. The money generated through the auctions is supposed to be used for the development of the neighbourhood.

Muslims too participate

The money collected through the auction is used for various developments activities in the villages. Even Muslims had participated in the bidding on more than three occasions.The money was used to renovate an old temple in the village 

Brings good luck

“It is believed that the ‘laddu’ brings good luck to the bidder, and hence, many come forward to participate in the auction. After bidding, the winner distributes it among the villagers and also sprinkles it in the fields for a better crop,” says president of Utsav Committee

The upset price is fixed by the committee and it remains the same every year.


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