What is the real reason behind Purandeswari's decision?

What is the real reason behind Purandeswari's decision? - Sakshi Post

Before quitting Congress, Purandeswari had kept many guessing about her next plan of action. After intense deliberations and oscillating between choosing TDP and BJP, she chose the latter. However one question on everyone's minds is why did she quit Congress? Was it because cCongress was instrumental in getting the state divided?  

Union Minister Jairam Ramesh has the answer to this question that has perplexed many of Purandeswari's supporters.  

Criticising Purandeswari, the Union Minister said that she purchased thousands of acres of land at Ramayapatnam and requested the Centre to construct a port there. When the Centre rejected her proposal and decided to construct the port at Dugarajapatnam, Purandeswari quit the party.  

Ramesh also said that she was a cheat. " She cheated us after enjoying all honors and privileges that she got as a Minister."

He questioned, "If supporting bifurcation is the reason behind her quitting Congress, then why is she joining BJP which also supported state division?"  


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