UoH Student To Work On PhD At University Of Missouri, USA

Teja Teppala - Sakshi Post

Teja Teppala, an alumnus of School of Physics, University of Hyderabad (UoH), has been offered a fully funded graduate position from the University of Missouri, USA. He is aspiring to pursue his interest in observational extragalactic astronomy, in particular, the formation and evolution of galaxies as a part of this PhD program in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, USA.

Teja will be using the data from Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey (CANDELS), which is the largest survey program of the Hubble Space Telescope, to study the properties of distant galaxies. Prior to this, he has done projects through the Indian Academy of Sciences fellowship, at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad under Dr. Shashikiran Ganesh, and at the Ooty Radio Telescope through the Pulsar Observatory for Students program of the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA).

Teja was an Integrated Masters student of UoH and he completed his IMSc Physics in May 2018. He is currently working on a project under the supervision of Dr. Seema Pooranchand, DST WOS, School of Physics, UoH.

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