Afghan Students In Andhra Worry About Academics After Taliban Take Over

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The Taliban forces in Afghanistan are rapidly gaining control of several territories across the country, after the US military pullout. This has left the nation in a state of fear about the country’s economic progress. Lack of civilian leadership, the country's poor military would bring back the Taliban rule which would have a deep impact not only on the socio-economic state of affairs but would also push the country back into a regressive state as it was when they had earlier controlled the nation.

Now another cause of worry was the academics in Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghan students have joined universities in various countries, including India, and now they are worried about their future prospects if the Taliban takes over.

As per a report published in Deccan Chronicle more than 1000 students spread across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are fearing to go back to the country.

The students including women are worried that they would not be able to continue their studies outside Afghanistan.The bigger fear is to going back to their country where they would have to enroll from the next year onwards.

The students are worried about the violence that will be unleashed by the forces and also the fate of women who may not be allowed to step outside and lose opportunities to study.

The literacy percentage in Afghanistan is below 50 and less than 20 among women. The other cause of worry is the rural youth who remain vulnerable to the Taliban.

Over the past 20 years, students have joined Universities abroad and have come back to serve the Afghan government to help rebuild the nation’s economy.

Whether the Taliban will allow students to study abroad, is not yet known. The other fear of the Taliban shutting down small-scale business units run by women, force them to wear the traditional blue attire, and restrict their movements, is looming large.

Meanwhile, India has pulled out most of its diplomats and security personnel from its consulate in Kandahar with the Taliban gaining control of new areas around the southern Afghan city. India is closely monitoring the evolving security situation in Afghanistan

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