Visakhapatnam: Elderly Man Left to Fend For Himself by Family

 - Sakshi Post

Visakhapatnam: An inhuman act has come to Venkojipalem in MVP Colony of Visakhapatnam. An elderly man who was unable to move was abandoned on the streets by his own family members. The old man, who was not even in a position to speak, had been struggling to survive the bitter cold for a few days. 

He was initially ignored by the locals who thought he was a beggar. As days went by, however, they noticed that he was still there, trembling and unable to move or bear the cold at night. The incident was reported to the local police by a journalist.

When the police reached there and tried to get the details, he revealed that he was from Appughar area and that his family members (son, daughter-in-law) had left him here. However, police and locals informed the Indian Red Cross that he was not in a position to give full details along with his name.
On reaching there, Red Cross spokesperson Murali, with the help of Constable Ravi Naik, rushed him to a senior citizen care centre. 

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