Exhibitors, Theatre Management Can Discuss Concerns with Govt, says Botsa

Exhibitors, Theatre Management Can Discuss Concerns with Govt, says Botsa  - Sakshi Post

Vizianagaram: Municipal Administration Minister Botcha Satyanarayana stated that the state government has made a policy decision to cap movie ticket prices at lower rates to make cinemas more accessible to the general public while not causing problems for the film industry.

Speaking to the media here on Thursday, the Minister said the theatre management or exhibitors should appeal to the government over their concerns and the government would resolve them after due consideration. He said every commodity is being sold at MRP in the country and questioned why there should be an exception to movies. He said the movies are entertainment means to common people and the government won't tolerate them if the tickets are sold at inflated prices.

Regarding TDP leader Ashok Gajapathi Raju's issue, the Minister said no one has targeted him and it was Raju who created a ruckus at the temple. He said the TDP leader had committed a mistake by removing the plaque installed to lay the foundation stone for the reconstruction of the temple and entering into an argument with officials. The Minister said the state government didn't ignore any protocol concerning the names appearing on the foundation plaque and added that Ashok has been making false claims for political mileage.

He slammed Naidu for making false allegations against ministers and backing Ashok without knowing the facts and demanded he takes his words back. He said everyone will have rights in a democracy and the law will take its course of action for disrupting a government function.

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