Will Star Maa Disqualify These Bigg Boss Contestants For Social Media Leaks?

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The entertainment channel Star Maa which considers the Bigg Boss Telugu show a prestigious program, which is why it has asked the contestants of the show to maintain their presence in the show a secret till the launch of episodes. This has been the habit ever since the first season of the reality show.

However, there are some leaks on social media about the Bigg Boss show, its host, the set decor of the glasshouse and the most important aspect … the contestants entering the house.

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Though they were not done deliberately, Star Maa is not ready to deal with them thinking that it would become common for the audience to know about the show.

Taking this as an advantage, it is learned that some contestants are revealing that they will be in the Bigg Boss house to their social media family. Some celebrities are posting Instagram reels that were shot during their quarantine time, thereby hinting to the audience about their stay in star hotels before the Bigg Boss launch.

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We all are already aware that the celebrities taking part in the show should not reveal their participation till the first episode of Bigg Boss gets aired on the Star Maa.

However, probable contestants like Lobo, Anee Master, Artist Priya, Lahari Shari and some others have hinted to their fans about the show.

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We have to wait and watch the premiere episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 which will be aired on September 5th  to know whether Star Maa disqualified these Bigg Boss contestants or not for doing such things.

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