Udaariyaan Serial Written Update October 28: Jasmine Caught Red Handed

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Khushbeer and Fathe welcome Tejo back home. Jasmine gets jealous on seeing Tejo happy. Fathe asks Tejo about Karva Chauth and she replies that there is no reason for her to do Karva Chauth. Gurpreet feels sad for Fathe. Meanwhile, Jasmine tells the family that she fasting for Fathe. Tejo and Simran catch Jasmine red-handed while eating street food while on Karva Chauth fast.

Jass sends Jasmine a photo of Fathe where he is seen calling Jasmine and demanding money she promised for troubling Tejo. Jass threatens Jasmine od revealing the truth to Tejo if she refused to pay up. Khushbeer asks Jasmine who she is talking to that as he heard Jass's name Jasmine lies saying she was speaking to Tejo. Jasmine requests Tejo to save Fathe as Jass kidnapped him. Tejo wonders why Jass called Jasmine, not her or Khushbeer.

Fathe and Jass get into a fight. Jass warns Fathe to stay away from him failing in which he would not step away from harming Jasmine. Fathe requests Jass to leave Jasmine and tells him he will surrender. Jass says that Jasmine is not a good person and adds that she is the one who provided evidence against him, but Jasmine diverts Jass. Tejo gets the police to get Jass arrested. Jass tries to tell the police that Tejo is his wife and she is an having extramarital affair with Tejo, but Tejo slaps Jass and brings his real wife which shocks Jasmine and Jass. 

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