Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 13: Fathe Gets Jealous of Angad

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Khushbeer and Gurpreet retrn home and announce that Tejo is getting engaged to Angad. The family members get shocked to hear this. Later, Khushbeer explains to them everything as to why he wants Tejo to get married before Fathe and Jasmine's marriage and asked Tejo to accept their proposal on the condition that they should take part in Fathe's marriage. Anyway, family members feel happy that Tejo is moving on. Meanwhile, Fathe and Jasmine learn about Tejo's engagement with Angad and Jasmine feels jealous of Tejo.

Tejo overhears Fathe and Jasmine's words that no one is attending their wedding and feels bad. Meanwhile, Tejo can't stop thinking about her past and Fathe's marriage to Jasmine. She breaks down. Later, she decides to move on in her life. Tejo visits Angad's house and tells him that Khushbeer and Rupi are planning to fix her marriage with him. Angad is stunned on listening to her. He asks Tejo about her decision. Tejo confesses that she wants to marry him, but not really. Tejo explains to Angad that she wants to act like they both are getting married.

Angad asks why she wants to do this and Tejo says she wants to help Fathe and Jasmine. Angad lashes out at her and asks if she is sure she wants to do this for her selfish sister and Fathe. Later, Tejo calls Khushbeer and Gurpreet home and accepts Rupi and Khushbeer's proposal to marry Angad. Khushbeer and Rupi are happy. But Tejo says she will accept on one condition that they should attend Fathe and Jasmine's marriage. Kushbeer accepts her condition. Tejo says that she will get engaged first as she needs time for marriage. Rupi agrees with her. Elsewhere Tejo asks Khushbeer to confirm with Angad. 

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