Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 11: Tejo Ignores Angad

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Khushbeer and Rupi asks Tejo to marry Angad. Tejo declines their request. Fathe tells Tejo that he is happy that she is moving on with the help of her family members and Angad. On hearing Angad's name, Tejo asks Fathe what does he mean. Fathe's words makes Tejo understand he is feeling jealous. Meanwhile, Tejo ignores Angad and he asks Tejo the reason for ignoring him.

Angad feels something special about Tejo. Tejo's mother asks Rupi why did he meet Khushbeer. Rupi hides that he and Khushbeer are preparing for Tejo's remarriage and tells them that Jasmine and Fathe are getting married in ten days. Fathe tells Jasmine that he had planed a surprise for her. The next day morning, Tejo goes to the academy and sees Angad and other staff doing meditation. Angad and Tejo share some quality time.

Tejo visits Khushbeer's house and requests family members to take part in Fathe and Jasmine's marriage. But Gurpreet and others refuse. On the other hand, Fathe and Jasmine come e home and overhears their conversation. Khushbeer and Rupi decide to tell Tejo about her marriage to Angad. Jasmine provokes Tejo with her words. 

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