Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 8: Fathe Meets Tejo?

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, the hotel manager tells Jasmine to vacate the room over her pending payment of bills. Jasmine gets into an argument with the hotel people, who give Jasmine an ultimatum to pay the bill or face the cops. Jasmine goes back to the room and thinks that she is facing all these problems because of Fathe. On the other hand, Fathe falls after being hit by hotel members. And he sees Tejo there. Let us wait and watch tonight's episode to know what happened next.

In yesterday's episode, Tejo and Riya spend some quality time where Tejo asks Riya that is she missing her mother. Angad interrupts in between and asks Riya to go for lunch. Jasmine inquiries about Angad and Tejo's whereabouts and vows to take revenge on Tejo and Fathe. Sweety and Jasmine guess that Fathe might be with Angad and Tejo. Later Tejo lashes out at Angad for behaving rudely with Riya. Jasmine thinks that  Angad might plan for Fathe and Tejo to patch up. Rupi breaks down into tears by remembering Tejo. Tejo tells Angad that she will move out soon as possible but Angad tries to convince her and put back the engagement ring to Tejo.  

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