Touching Story Of Zee Telugu's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar Contestant Sri Sai Sanvid

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Facing all the odds, Sri Sai Sanvid is living his dream. Sri Sai Sanvid, one of the contestants on Zee Telugu's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar, won the hearts of the judges with his incredible performance. He crooned the song, 'Antha Isthtam' from Pawan Kalyan's Bheemla Nayak. 

Touching Story of Sri Sai Sanvid:

Sri Sai Sanvid has the voice of a female. A native of Vizag, he faced huge embarassment because of his voice during his younger years. He was called a transgender and bullied by his friends for his female voice. His father died when he was young and his mother also died due to cancer. He came out of his house and wanted to go back only after achieving something. He came to Hyderabad without a penny in his hand. He slept in the waiting room of NIMS hospital for three months. He also slept in the bus stands as he was thrown away by the security guards of NIMS. He was taken care of by a mother and daughter who stayed at the NIMS hospital until he has got a job. Later, he got offers in dubbing and wanted to prove himself on the stage of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. The voice which he thought was a bane has now become a boon for him.

Judges were impressed by the singing of Sri Sai Sanvid. SP Shailaja, one of the judges on the show, said that at one point, she thought that Chitra was singing the song. She further stated that God has given such a beautiful voice to him so the entire world could recognise him. Sanvid said that because of his voice, he was away from his family. But SP Shailaja interrupted him and said that he has now become close to ZEE Family. 

Koti said that he has never seen a man with such a beautiful voice. Smitha said that experiences in the life make a man either bitter or better. She further stated that she would financially help him in his education. Anatha Sriram also praised him. He is a part of Geetha's team.

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