Sreerama Chandra Runner Up Of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Deets Inside

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A few more days to go for the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 grand finale. As we all know, Sreerama Chandra has won the ticket for the finale, and Sreerama Chandra fans are back on social media platforms and are in high spirts. Fans are predicting that Sreerama Chandra will definitely be the runner-up or winner of the show. 

Putting the predictions aside, we can say that Sreerama Chandra is back with full support. A few websites say that Sreerama Chandra's fans are non-Telugu and that he is getting support from the north. It is known that Sreerama Chandra earned a good name in the northern states of India with his performance in the singing reality show, Indian Idol 5, and he won the season also. Many top B Town celebrities are rooting for Sreerama and requesting their fans to cast their votes for him.

As we mentioned earlier, Sreerama and Shannu are at the same level with an equal score, and now, his fans are making sure that SRC will beat Shannu's popularity at any cost in the run up to the finals. 

Shannu and Sreerama fans have been indulging in virtual wars since day one of the show. But Sreerama's game had slowed down over the last few days after he suffered numbness during ice task. However, he is now back in form. 

It is worth noting here that Sreerama Chandra has the potential to win Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Let us wait and watch if Sreerama makes his fans' dreams come true or not. 

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