Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 2: Anu- Arya’s Candle Light Dinner

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While Arya gets shocked seeing Anu dressed like Rajanandini, other family members feel surprised. Anu tells that she wanted to play hide and seek with Arya. So Arya gives Anu a black cloth to tie to his eyes.

When Arya is trying to find Anu, he traces her by sending the sound of her anklet. Mansi suggests removing anklets and playing the game. Even after that, Arya hears the sounds and catches Anu. Later, When Anu is blindfolded, Mansi and Neeraj encourage her to catch Arya.

Meanwhile, Arya confidently declares that she will not be able get him. Anu is shocked to hear these words and behaves like Rajanandini. Arya can feel that Anu is behaving like Rajanandini and gets puzzled.

Later, they change their costumes for a candlelight dinner photoshoot. Anu tells Arya that she is dressed like Rajanandini without any knowledge. She clarifies to him that she is very happy to know that Anu will be Arya’s past and future.

Meanwhile, Padma forces Subbu to buy some gold for Anu. Subbu tells her about their financial status and says that he can only buy Mangalsutra. Will Padma succeed in making Subbu buy more gold is to be watched in the episode.

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