Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode October 22: Jnanamba Depressed

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Janaki Kalaganaledu: Rama Chandra tries to convince Jnanamba, but she does not listen to him. Jnanamba asks her son to not call her "Amma" as he has lost respect. However, Rama tells her mother to think about Janaki as she will never behave like her brother's wife. 

Jnanamba gets angry at Rama and punishes him by asking him not to talk with her ever. She then leaves the place and feels sad by watching her brother's picture. Janaki apologises to Rama as she is responsible for the quarrel between him and Jnanamba. 

Janaki and Yogi go near Jnanamba and try to convince her that Rama has not made any mistakes and they are the fraudsters. However, Jnanamba asks them to leave the place as they are giving her irritation. 

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Meanwhile, Mallika gets irked as her plan does not go well and she creates drama in front of Vishnu and Chikitha. The next morning, Janaki takes a decision and leaves the house. What decision will Janaki take to save Rama and Jnanamba's relationship is to be seen in the next episode. 

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