Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode November 26: Mallika's Evil Plan Against Jaanu

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Janaki Kalaganaledu:  After Janaki promised that she will never let her down, Jnanamba feels happy. Meanwhile, Rama Chandra saves a girl from committing suicide and asks her the reason. She explains that her parents are not agreeing to pursue her passion. He convinces her and drops the girl at her home. 

Govindaraju gets a call from Karkhana that there is a shortage of ghee to make sweets. He then asks Mallika to go to Karkhana. When Mallika refuses, Janaki takes the ghee and goes to Karkhana where Mallika follows her. 

After giving the ghee to the workers, Janaki leaves the spot. When no one is around, Mallika takes a syrup which causes vomitings and mixes it in ghee. She further plans to tell Jnanamba about the incident after the customers suffer from food poisoning. 

Meanwhile, Rama reaches home and observes Janaki in a bad mood. He understands that she is not well as Janaki has to leave her studies completely. However, Rama tells his wife about his decision to make Janaki become an IPS officer. Will Janaki obeys her husband's decision and achieve her goal is to be seen in the coming episodes

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